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Best Techniques To Improve Your Essay Writing - Guide 2022

Essay writing is one of the key aspects of academic writing. If you wish to excel in academic writing, you need to master the art of essay writing. It should not be confused with blogs or articles that we usually find on the web. Essay writing comes with a well-defined structure, format and skills that need to be adopted. Needless to say, essay writing is a key to secure higher grades in your college or university.

Sometimes essays could be too tough to handle. It is recommended that you reach out to a renowned essay writing service in this regard. Consulting the experts is a good idea. Moreover, various students keep asking regarding the skills of essay writing. In this write-up, we are going to discuss some ways through which you can learn essay writing skills.

Build Your Knowledge

Without basic knowledge about all aspects of society, you would find it hard to ace an essay. Essay prompts are related to numerous topics. You could be asked to write an essay on any topic. You can indeed consult various resources for research. However, having a prior understanding of things refines your research and the logical flow in your essay. It is suggested that you develop a habit of regular reading.

Adopt Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is one of the biggest weapons of students. You should have reasons to believe in everything. You should dig deeper into issues and be analytical or avail online essay writing service

Sometimes things are presented before you, but you should not believe them as they appear. Be analytical and look at everything around you through a critical lens.

Writing Habit

Those students who do not have writing habits cannot come up with a well-articulated essay. Writing practice refines your expression and the way you communicate. If you do not write more, your essays would be riddled with grammatical mistakes, syntax errors, wordiness, etc.


The essay has a well-defined structure that you need to follow. This structure has been defined to develop order and flow in your writing. You cannot write an essay like blogs or social media posts. Academic writing has certain criteria that you need to fulfil. The essay starts with an introduction, followed by a body part and ending with a conclusion.


The introduction should begin with a hook sentence. It could be a quote, rhetorical statement or statistic. Then comes the background or brief overview of the topic. The introduction ends with a thesis statement. A thesis is the central theme of your essay; it should be spelt out with care and accuracy. When custom essay writing service write my essay, I always try to come up with the most effective thesis. Otherwise, the essay loses its appeal in the beginning.

ii)Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs contain the main arguments of your essay. Each paragraph should have one central idea. The paragraph should begin with a topic sentence. It should be followed

by a premise that is substantiated by relevant evidence. You cannot leave evidence without an explanation. The explanation is your interpretation of the evidence in terms of your

central idea. The concluding sentence of the paragraph connects the whole thing back to the topic sentence.

iii) Conclusion

The Conclusion reiterated the thesis and summarizes the main points of the essay. It would be wise to reveal the significance of your topic in the conclusion. However, there should not

be any additional details in the conclusion.


You should always pay close attention to citation style. The professor usually provides citation style in the instructions. However, you should have a prior idea of how different citation

styles are used in the essay. APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard are some of the main citation styles used in academic writing.

Logical Flow

One of the key elements of essay writing is a logical flow. Your ideas and arguments should be presented in an orderly and organized manner. The reader should enjoy reading your

essay without getting lost in the middle. In this regard, you should keep the structure in mind along with the use of transitions. You should have the ability to connect ideas and prove

your point to the utmost satisfaction of the reader.


Many students do not give as much importance to proofreading. If you do not review and proofread your work, your effort would go down the drain. During the proofreading, you should check for grammatical mistakes, syntax errors, citations, format and logical flow. It is advised that you go through your paper at least twice. Even the most talented essay writers make mistakes in their first attempt. However, you can also take the help of a professional essay writing service in this regard. There is no harm in having an expert opinion.

Use of Softwares

There are some softwares and online tools that can help you refine your essay writing. For instance, you can use Grammarly to review and rectify grammatical mistakes. In addition, there are some softwares like Zotero that can help you with citation.


Essay writing is a steep mountain to climb. You need to have essential tools and techniques to scale this mountain. You would be well-advised to go through this write up in detail and

learn the requisite skills. It is only if you inculcate these skills that you can be a great essay writer. Even the greatest essay writers have through this learning phase.

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