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The guidance: • Restricted advertisements that created an inappropriate sense of urgency, such as those including ‘bet now’ offers during live events; •

Restricted the trivialisation of gambling; • Prevented approaches that give an irresponsible perception of the risk or control; • Provided greater detail on problem gambling behaviours and associated behaviour indicators that should not be portrayed, even indirectly; •

Prevented undue emphasis on money-motives for gambling; and • Provided more detail on vulnerable groups, such as problem gamblers, that marketers need to work to protect.518 Effect of advertising

It is generally assumed that the increase in advertising is one of the causes, perhaps the main cause, of gambling-related harms. There is certainly a correlation, but we have received no evidence nor been pointed to any research which proves that there is any causal link between gambling advertising and problem gambling.

On the contrary, Mr Parker said: “The indicators do not accord with the view that the undoubted increase in gambling advertising and in accessibility to gambling services, through smartphones, is driving a significant increase in problem gambling.”

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